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This will allow you to display a bust/illustration on your screen.

You can designate which bust you want by changing the "Bust Control" variable:
0 - No Bust (default)
1 - Bust 1
2 - Bust 2
3 - Bust 3

Highly recommended for Menu Scenes.
Replace the default busts with your own and you're good to go.

Tenkai's Tip:
Notice I used all variables instead of switches.  This means when you change the variable it automatically removes the previous bust and shows the new one.

If I used switches, it would require TONS OF SWITCHES.  Then you have to turn them off and on and all that nonsense.

Switches are usually an ineffective method compared to variables, try this technique with other stuff as well!

How to Import Objects:

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Buy Now$2.95 USD or more

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How do I add this to wishlist?

Hey, thanks for your interest!

In the top-right of the store page there is an "Add To Collection" link you can click.



Instead of an integer, why not just sending in the picture you want to be displayed?

Or better yet, an array of mix and match components with render offsets so you can combine your own bust from parts.

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Good question.   The reason I use variables is because theres issues displaying or removing the busts sometimes.   This is one of the safer ways.   This also cancels the bust and replaces it, while keeping it in the same position - so it's easier to use than having to constantly readjust the position.

I could add the feature of mixing and matching parts to busts, that's easy.  I would need the parts/graphics to do this though, preferably ones that can be used for commercial purposes.  If someone provides this, then I'll consider it.